Carolina Style – Get It While You Can!

Carolina StyleJust want to let you know that for those of you jonesing for my Carolina Style sauce, I am pleased to be able to share with you that we sold our remaining stock to Reny’s  and I was told that as recently as last week they still had about 40 cases left in inventory.   

Please check out their website and you can either plan on swinging by one of their stores next time you’re in Maine or I’m sure they’d be willing to do mail order for you. I plan to post the info on FaceBook as well so you might want to stock up soon and often. The other bit of good news I am happy to share is that I plan to run the Carolina as a seasonal for next year, so all is not lost! It’s a crazy thing, it was our slowest seller but there certainly are some fanatical fans for it out there!

And I like that a lot, actually, so I’m going to honor y’all’s request to bring it back.

Thanks for your continued support for my stuff; I’m thankful and appreciative.

Yours in Smoke, 

by DennyMikes