NBBQA 2015 Awards of Excellence


DennyMike’s limps away from the 2015 Awards of Excellence contest with a fifth place for Pixie Dust and gets his ass handed to him by his old friends and formidable competitors who I am happy to heartily congratulate everyone with the admonition that there is always next year! I want to offer my congratulations for an exceptional showing especially to my buddy Heath Riles at Victory Lane BBQ, my good friends at Famous Dave’s BBQ and that ol’ rascal and good friend Smoky Jon, who always does well at this event. Kudos as well to my friends at the Shed Saucery, Patrick Murtry over at Company 7, my Southern Brother Chuck Averwater of Smacker’s BBQ and of course my pals Kent and his son Barrett of that legendary family of Texas BBQ, Black’s, of Lockhart and San Marcos. And I almost forgot to mention those wild and crazy cabbies, Rick, Jamie and John from 3 Taxi Guys BBQ Sauce. Congrats to ALL of the winners you deserve the recognition!!!!

 I’m sorry not to have been able to attend this year’s conference but pleased to know that it was an outstanding event which was very ably organized by Brian Hilligoss and Nicole Peshia and their great team at Kellen Company, NBBQA’s management company. GREAT JOB EVERYONE, see you next year!

 The following results were announced on March 5, 2015 during the Awards of Excellence Luncheon at the National Barbecue Association’s Annual Conference & Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee.


Barbecue Sauce – Tomato Mild

  • First Place: Southern Belles BBQ – Original Belle
  • Second Place: Eroc’s LLC – Eroc’s Jamaican Rum
  • Third Place: The Shed Saucery, LLC – Southern Sweet
  • Fourth Place: Smackers BBQ, Inc. – Smackers Smack Me Mild Smackin’ Sauce
  • Fifth Place: Yah Butz, LLC/Big Butz BBQ – Big Butz Original BBQ Sauce
  • Sixth Place: Southern Belles BBQ – Spicy Hickory Smoke

Barbecue Sauce – Tomato Spicy

  • First Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Sweet BBQ Sauce
  • Second Place: Company7 BBQ – Commissioner Burns
  • Third Place: Grill Side Barbeque – Grill Side Downtown Original
  • Fourth Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Devil’s Spit
  • Fifth Place: Vittorios – Honey Hot Wing Sauce
  • Sixth Place: The Shed Saucery, LLC – Spicy Southern Sweet

Barbecue Sauce – Mustard Mild

  • First Place: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Original Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
  • Second Place: Mack Daddy’s Inc. – Sweet & Sassy
  • Third Place: Williamson Bros. Bar BQ – Williamson Bros. Classic Carolina BBQ Sauce
  • Fourth Place: Mack Daddy’s Inc. – Tangy Carolina
  • Fifth Place: Central Oregon Sauce – Carolina Mustard
  • Sixth Place: Company7 BBQ – Captain Carolina

Barbecue Sauce – Mustard Spicy

  • First Place: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
  • Second Place: The Shed Saucery, LLC – Spicy Mustard
  • Third Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Georgia Mustard
  • Fourth Place: Jack Cawthon’s Barbeque – Jack Cawthon’s Carolina Sauce
  • Fifth Place: Pratt’s Real Pit Bar B Que – Pratt’s Signature Sauce
  • Sixth Place: SuckleBusters – SuckleBusters Gold

Barbecue Sauce – Fruit Mild

  • First Place: Central Oregon Sauce – Apricot Sauce 
  • Second Place: Ole Ray’s Sauces – Ole Ray’s Blackberry Wine Barbeque & Cooking Sauce
  • Third Place: Eroc’s LLC – Eroc’s Black Cherry & Mango
  • Fourth Place: Southern Belles BBQ – Pineapple Twang
  • Fifth Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Sweet BBQ Sauce
  • Sixth Place: Eroc’s LLC – Eroc’s Peach Pomegranate 

Barbecue Sauce – Fruit Spicy

  • First Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Sweet BBQ Sauce
  • Second Place: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
  • Third Place: Smackers BBQ LLC – Smackers Smack Me Hard Hot Smackin’ Sauce
  • Fourth Place: Eroc’s LLC – Eroc’s Raspberry Chipotle Hot
  • Fifth Place: Southern Belles BBQ – Hot N Sassy Peach
  • Sixth Place: Sugar Hill Smokehouse – Sweet Habanero

Barbecue Sauce – Vinegar Mild

  • First Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Mild BBQ Sauce
  • Second Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Sweet BBQ Sauce
  • Third Place: Smackers BBQ LLC – Smackers Smack Me Mild Smackin’ Sauce
  • Fourth Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Original BBQ Sauce
  • Fifth Place: Williamson Bros. Bar-BQ – Williamson Bros. Original BBQ Sauce
  • Sixth Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Tangy Vinegar BBQ Sauce

Barbecue Sauce – Vinegar Spicy

  • First Place: SuckleBusters – SuckleBusters Chipotle
  • Second Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Original BBQ Sauce
  • Third Place: The Sauce Company, Inc. – Georgia’s Vinegar Hot Barbeque Sauce
  • Fourth Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Tangy Vinegar BBQ Sauce
  • Fifth Place: Smackers BBQ LLC – Smackers Smack Me Hard Hot Smackin’ Sauce
  • Sixth Place: Williamson Bros. Bar-BQ – Williamson Bros. Spicy Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Barbecue Sauce – White Sauce

  • First Place: Smokey C’s BBQ & Wings – Smokey C’s White Sauce
  • Second Place: Jack Cawthon’s Barbeque – Jack Cawthon’s Music City White Sauce

Barbecue Dry Rub & Seasoning – All Purpose

  • First Place: Croix Valley Foods – Sweet Heat Dry Rub
  • Second Place: L.A. Spice House, LLC – TX1 Smokey Hot
  • Third Place: CRC BBQ Enterprise, LLC – Red Rub
  • Fourth Place: 3 Taxi Guys B-B-Q Sauces & Rubs – Rub
  • Fifth Place: DennyMike’s ‘Cue Stuff, Inc. – Pixi Dust
  • Sixth Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Nutty Pecan BBQ Rub

Barbecue Dry Rub & Seasoning – Southwest

  • First Place: Char Crust, Inc. – Southwest Chipotle
  • Second Place: Smackers BBQ, Inc. – Smackers Original Sweet & Spicy Gourmet BBQ Seasoning
  • Third Place: Gary White – Sweet for MaMa Rub
  • Fourth Place: Swimmin’ in Smoke – Hot Chik Bait
  • Fifth Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Nutty Pecan BBQ Rub
  • Sixth Place: L.A. Spice House, LLC – TX1 Smokey Hot

Barbecue Dry Rub & Seasoning – Cajun

  • First Place: L.A. Spice House, LLC – TX1 Chipotle
  • Second Place: Alspaugh’s Secret Seasoning – Alspaugh’s Secret Seasoning
  • Third Place: Char Crust, Inc. – Amazin’ Cajun
  • Fourth Place: Junior’s Up in Smoke – Junior’s Rub for Grub
  • Fifth Place: Victory Lane BBQ – All Purpose BBQ Rub
  • Sixth Place: L.A. Spice House, LLC – TX1 Bloody Mary Seasoning

Barbecue Dry Rub & Seasoning – Caribbean/Jerk & Mediterranean/Herb

  • First Place: Swimmin’ in Smoke – Hot Radical Rub
  • Second Place: Junior’s Up in Smoke – Junior’s Rub for Grub
  • Third Place: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Flavor Magic
  • Fourth Place: Central Oregon Sauce – Mediterranean Marinade
  • Fifth Place: Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company – Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk
  • Sixth Place: Chicago q Restaurant – Original Bold Seasoning

Hot Sauce

  • First Place: Cookies Food Products – Wings  & Things Hot Sauce
  • Second Place: Black’s Barbecue – Black’s BBQ Ghost Chili Pepper Sauce
  • Third Place: Pigs-R-Us, Inc./Checkered Pig – Hot Sauce
  • Fourth Place: Black’s Barbecue – Black’s BBQ Chipotle Mustard Pepper Sauce
  • Fifth Place:  Jack Cawthon’s Barbeque – Jack Cawthon’s XXX911 
  • Sixth Place: Williamson Bros. Bar-BQ – Williamson Bros. BBQ Hot Sauce

Barbecue Marinade – Citrus/Fruit

  • First Place: 3 Taxi Guys B-B-Q Sauces & Rubs – Sweet  & Sassy
  • Second Place: The Rib Doctor, LLC – Honey Classic
  • Third Place: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
  • Fourth Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Beef Marinade
  • Fifth Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Pork Marinade
  • Sixth Place: Central Oregon Sauce – Carne Asada Marinade with Roasted Garlic and Chipotle Peppers

Barbecue Marinade – Oil & Vinegar

  • First Place: Pratt’s Real Pit Bar B Que – TN Whiskey Marinade
  • Second Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Chicken Marinade
  • Third Place: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
  • Fourth Place: The Shed Saucery, LLC – Beef Blaster
  • Fifth Place: The Shed Saucery, LLC – Hoggin’ it All
  • Sixth Place: Big B Distributors/Big B Barbeque – Bonus Mariade

Barbecue Marinade – Caribbean

  • First Place: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
  • Second Place: The Rib Doctor, LLC – Honey Classic
  • Third Place: Victory Lane BBQ – Baste & Marinade

Barbecue Marinade – Asian

  • First Place: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
  • Second Place: Central Oregon Sauce – Korean Kalbi
  • Third Place: Vittorios – Honey Garlic
  • Fourth Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Teriyaki Marinade
  • Fifth Place:  L.L. Ohana/makers of Mr. G’s Teriyaki – Plum & Pineapple Teriyaki
  • Sixth Place: JoeSauce, LLC – Original “Korean BBQ”

Barbecue Marinade – Mustard

  • First Place: Porky’s Place BBQ Carry-out & Catering – Mean Mr. Mustard 
  • Second Place:  Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
  • Third Place: Firebud Brands – Slap Sauce
  • Fourth Place: Big Daddus – Big Daddus Mustard

Barbecue Condiment or Accompaniment

  • First Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Signature Spicy Pickle Relish
  • Second Place:  Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc – Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
  • Third Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Fry Sauce
  • Fourth Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Signature Spicy Pickle Chips
  • Fifth Place: L.A. Spice House, LLC – TX1 Bloody Mary Seasoning
  • Sixth Place: Lynch BBQ Company – Lynch BBQ Salsa

Barbecue Gift Pack

  • First Place: Famous Dave’s of America – Famous Dave’s BBQ Variety Pack
  • Second Place: Lynch BBQ Company – Lynch BBQ Buddie
  • Third Place: Jack Cawthon’s Barbeque – Jack’s 4-Pack
  • Fourth Place: Cookies Food Products – BBQ Gift Pack
  • Fifth Place: Gary White – Gift pack
  • Sixth Place: Flame Thrower BBQ & Chili Co. – Flame Thrower 2 Pk Gift Box

Barbecue Label

  • First Place: Mack Daddy’s Inc. – Sweet & Sassy
  • Second Place: Hog Heaven BBQ & Rubs – Daphne’s Special Blend
  • Third Place: Fat Daddy Joe’s BBQ – Fat Daddy Joe’s BBQ Sauce
  • Fourth Place: Hog Heaven BBQ & Ribs – Clyde’s Special Blend
  • Fifth Place: Big Daddus – Big Daddus Traditional
  • Sixth Place: Black’s Barbeque – Black’s Barbeque Original Pepper Sauce

Barbecue Tool or Accessory

  • First Place: Barbeque Kansas City LLC/Chop’s Power Injectors – Power Injector
  • Second Place: Bear Paw Products – Meat Smoking Guide

Barbecue Apparel

  • First Place: Junior’s Up In Smoke BBQ – Up In Smoke BBQ T-Shirt
  • Second Place: Smoky Jon’s #1 BBQ Inc. – Smoky Jon’s Crew T-Shirt
  • Third Place: Chicago q Restaurant – q T-Shirt
  • Fourth Place: Pratt’s Real Pit Bar B Que – “Smell Our Butts” T-Shirt
  • Fifth Place: Black’s Barbeque – Black’s Barbeque Austin Grand Opening T-Shirt
  • Sixth Place: Que Life – T-Shirt: Q Life “Family, Friends & Fire” Version

Barbecue Book or Publication

  • First Place: Famous Dave’s of America – “Backroads & Sidestreets” Cookbook
  • Second Place: Famous Dave’s of America – “Barbeque Party” Cookbook
  • Third Place: Andrew McMeel – “America’s Best BBQ – Homestyle”



Jack Daniel’s World Invitational BBQ Championship

It’s that time of year when I start thinking about whether I’ll get lucky, once again, and find an invitation in my mail informing me of my selection to be one of only 80 or so Certified BBQ Judges from the U.S. and around the world to head down to Lynchburg, Tennessee, home of Jack Daniels Old No. 7 and the Jack Daniel’s World Invitational Barbecue Championship. The Jack, as it is called, is one of the big three BBQ competitions in the world, the other two being the American Royal in Kansas City and Memphis in May, and it’s, in my mind at least, the most highly regarded competition of the three due to the fact that all of the competitors had to have won a Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) official state championship contest, or a national contest in the case of the international teams.

So, what you have, therefore, is a competition where you have nothing but the best in the game, the best of the best, competing not only for the $10,000 prize money, but more importantly, for the bragging rights that go along with being crowned “ Grand Champion of The Jack”. It’s a contest that is always packed with avid barbecue fans and personalities from all over and the people at Jack Daniel’s really know how to throw a party in “The Hollow”, I can assure you! So, you can imagine my excitement and glee when I opened an E-mail from the judges’ selection committee informing that I had once again been invited to head on down and judge this year’s 26th Championship!

It’s kinda hard to describe, but I can say it gives you a tingly feeling knowing that you’re going to be around a great bunch of BBQ fanatics and also getting to eat, and judge, some of the finest barbecue a person can put in his or her mouth; I mean to tell ya, it’s amazing! So I hope y’all get lucky at some point and get the chance to judge The Jack, or, the Royal and MIM, for that matter; until you do, you’ll just have to let me describe the experience for you, which I’ll always be tickled to do for y’all. I’ll be taking a bunch of pictures this year and will keep you posted in future chats; ‘til then, remember to keep it low and slow!

Yours in smoke,


Carolina Style – Get It While You Can!

Carolina StyleJust want to let you know that for those of you jonesing for my Carolina Style sauce, I am pleased to be able to share with you that we sold our remaining stock to Reny’s www.renys.com  and I was told that as recently as last week they still had about 40 cases left in inventory.   

Please check out their website and you can either plan on swinging by one of their stores next time you’re in Maine or I’m sure they’d be willing to do mail order for you. I plan to post the info on FaceBook as well so you might want to stock up soon and often. The other bit of good news I am happy to share is that I plan to run the Carolina as a seasonal for next year, so all is not lost! It’s a crazy thing, it was our slowest seller but there certainly are some fanatical fans for it out there!

And I like that a lot, actually, so I’m going to honor y’all’s request to bring it back.

Thanks for your continued support for my stuff; I’m thankful and appreciative.

Yours in Smoke, 

Thrill of the Grill at the NBBQA Conference and Trade Show!

By Vernee Green-Myers
“The Southern Girls BBQ Roadshow”

At the National Barbecue Association conference and trade show held in San Marcos, TX there was a new event on Friday night! It was a steak cook-off challenge put together by Brad Barrett with Grill Grate and Linda Orrison, President Elect of the NBBQA, between the “low and slow” smokers against the “fast and fiery” grillers from the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA).  All entry fees would fund the efforts of Operation BBQ Relief, a non-profit disaster response team, who provide meals to residents in areas stricken by natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. It was a challenge no one could turn down!  The winner would win bragging rights and a handcrafted Stetson made by NBBQA President Elect, Linda Orrison, also known as “Mama Shed.”   Continue reading

Looking back on my first ‘Judging O’ the Jack’

The 23rd Annual Jack Daniel’s Invitational Barbecue Cook-Off… Sitting in on a tasting session of Jack Daniel’s world famous Tennessee Whiskey…. Angelo Lucches, Jack Daniel’s first outside salesman celebrating his 90th birthday and still going strong… Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and his very capable Master Taster Jeff Arnett… Guy Fieri of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives… The judges welcome dinner and entertainment up on Barbecue Hill. Burning regrets in Jasper the Pig… Judging the best BBQ I’ve ever had, prepared by winning teams from all over the Country and the World…I could go on and on. Continue reading

BBQ Organizations to Join!!

Howdy y’all,

I wanted to take a quick moment and introduce you all to some supah fine BBQ organizations that I support and think you should too! If you are serious about BBQ I highly recommend getting involved with a local BBQ group and start networking. Here are a few of my favorites, PLUS if you join them you get discounts to our fine products, it’s a win win!!! Enjoy!

Yours in smoke,



mbn-logoMemphis Barbecue Network

The Memphis Barbecue Network is one of the leading sanctioning bodies of BBQ contests in the world.  It is dedicated to promoting and preserving the unique Memphis style of BBQ though education, support, and management.  MBN officials assist event organizers in promoting, organizing, and conducting the sanctioned events in accordance with MBN standards.


Mid Atlantic BBQ Association

The Mid Atlantic BBQ Association is friendly group dedicated to expanding and refining the art of BBQ in…you guessed it…the Mid Atlantic region of the United States.


nbbq-logoNational Barbecue Association

The National Barbecue Association is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association that was founded in January 1991 . The organization was created to address the needs of the broad, diverse and growing barbecue industry. The NBBQA’s mission is to share and expand the diverse culture of barbecue through networking and education. Their vision is an expansive barbecue community that embraces all things barbecue—from low and slow to grilling, catering to competing, or simply the fun and friendship of a backyard cookout.

nebs-logoNew England Barbecue Society

Around 1991, the New England Society for Wood Cookery was formed. In 1994, the Wood Cookery Society became The New England Barbecue Society, a stable, fiscally responsible, not-for-profit, group of dedicated BBQ cooks and consumers. Along with their monthly print publication The National Barbecue News, the NEBS was born to offer New England grillers the opportunity to learn Southern style barbecue techniques, whether using wood, charcoal, or even gas.


kcbs-logoKansas City Barbecue Society

The Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying barbeque, and  is the world’s largest organization of barbeque and grilling enthusiasts with over 15,000 members worldwide. KCBS sanctions over 400 barbeque contests coast-to-coast throughout America. From volunteering to actual event production, their members also offer assistance to civic and charitable organizations who organize events.

KCBS serves as a clearinghouse of barbeque information which provides:

• Networking with related trade associations and other contest-sanctioning organizations
• Tracking trends in barbeque related products, and equipment
•Teaming up with other food organizations and the media to promote barbeque

With their  library, and extensive archive of barbeque related articles, KCBS offers educational programs, consultation services, and civic organization presentations to help promote barbeque as America’s Favorite Cuisine.

DennyMike’s Haul to Date

Well it’s been a great year so far, and all of us at DennyMike’s wanted to share all our recent (and past) awards with you to keep y’all up-to-date on out going-ons! Hope your gearing up for summer like we are are stocking up on lot’s ‘a BBQ supplies.

Need a reason to BBQ? Shop now!!!

» Download a PDF of our 2012  Haul to Date Sheet



DennyMike’s + Sysco = VERY EXCITING NEWS!

All I can say is WOW!  It’s certainly a treat for me to be able to share the news that Sysco Boston, LLC, the largest volume regional producer in the Sysco system, has agreed to add DennyMike’s award winning seasonings to its line of offerings.  Sysco Boston is a market leader and distributor of foodservice products reaching restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities,  and lodging establishments throughout greater New England, especially Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

It’s exciting to know that I will have the help of more than 300 seasoned sales associates selling Fintastic, Sublime Swine, Chick Magnet and Cow Bell Hell in 24-ounce shakers and five-pound tubs.  I have been told that the Boston region is the trendsetter for the entire Sysco system and that we’d better be ready to be brought on by other regions.  All I can say about that is “Bring it on!!”  I love having my product in kitchens everywhere, and our relationship with the good folks at Sysco is going to make that happen.  Words can’t express how pleased I am to have been selected, but I can say that we’ll be making sure our products continue to be made with care using the finest ingredients to ensure the outstanding flavor and quality that has become synonymous with all of DennyMike’s products.

Featured on FoodSpring.com

DennyMike’s Chick Magnet Seasoning featured on FoodSpring.com » Check it out!

“Dennis Michael Sherman (a.k.a. DennyMike), a bona fide Yankee from Maine, was bitten by the barbecue bug when he first sampled authentic Texan dry-rub barbecue in East Texas. Some 30 years later he has not strayed from his love and has created a line of award-winning barbecue sauces and rubs made in his home state. Chick Magnet, a mix of salt, spices and turbinado sugar, will make your poultry sing, whether it’s on the grill, in a smoker or roasting in the oven. This rub is also great on beef, veggies and pork. DennyMike’s sauces and rubs contain all-natural, premium grade spices and ingredients, and they’re gluten- and filler-free..—Nicole Denis”

The Royal Results Are In!

The royal results are in and we could not be more excited then to announce our own close friend and BBQ-cohort Charlie Cicero – Executive Chef at Anneke Jans that his BBq team Mighty Swine Dining won 13th place overall. Amazing job Charlie! Follow charlie and his team on Facebook, if you have the chops!

View the full results below or visit THE ROYAL RESULTS directly!

West Coast Here We Come!


DennyMike’s Wraps Up BBQ Season with Vast West Coast Expansion

Maine-made, award winning sauces and rubs increase national and international distribution

York, Maine — September 21, 2011 Dennis Sherman, owner of DennyMike’s Award Winning Sauces and Rubs, announced today that the company has landed two major West Coast distributors and an impressive array of independent super markets, making the Maine-made products a hot bi-coastal commodity.

“This is a real kick,” said Sherman.  “We’ve enjoyed phenomenal success in the Northeast and Southern markets, and it’s a fantastic feeling to be hitting shelves on the West Coast…we are well on our way to full national exposure and coast-to-coast store-front availability.”

Sherman recently sealed the deal with QFC, a Washington-based, upscale market chain with more than 170 grocery stores.  DennyMike’s complete line of rubs is now available in QFC stores with the addition of DennyMike’s line of sauces in the stores’ meat departments well underway.

In addition, Sherman has signed on with J.C. Wright, a Seattle distributor of gourmet, ethnic and natural foods that services top-notch retailers throughout the Northwest.  The much-respected distributor is carrying DennyMike’s full line, putting the popular rubs and sauces front and center with the Seattle area’s leading specialty food retailers.

A number of independent outlets in the West also have picked up the award-winning line that has been touted by Saveur magazine and the “Today” show.  Kitchen Kaboodle, a high-end chain of housewares stores in Oregon, has placed DennyMike’s rubs in all of its five locations in the Portland area. Furthermore, Non-essentials, an independent gourmet store in Palmer, Alaska,  along with Atkinson’s, a specialty food grocery in Ketchum, Idaho, are now offering the complete DennyMike’s line.

“It’s very gratifying to sign on with these impressive distributors and grocery stores,” Sherman said.  “Their confidence in the DennyMike’s product line speaks volumes, and we appreciate their support and enthusiasm.  We’re looking forward to being a staple in kitchens, campsites and patios across the United States very soon.”

Back on his home turf, Sherman recently signed on with UNFI, the nation’s leading distributor of natural foods.  UNFI’s East Coast division has selected DennyMike’s to launch in 150 of its top specialty foods markets.  In addition, talks are underway with UNFI’s West Coast office, which currently services approximately 4,000 stores and is undergoing rapid expansion in Washington, Arizona and eastward.

The increasingly popular line of all-natural, gluten-free and certified Kosher sauces and rubs also is enjoying a measure of international success through Soon’s Secret Garden, a Norway distributor.  Canadians also have access to the BBQ big shot as DennyMike’s is now available through P.M. Hansen, a new distribution channel that supplies the Canadian version of Home Shopping Network along with grocery stores and specialty food stores nationwide. Additional distribution throughout Central America is under development.

Since its launch in 2006, DennyMike’s has enjoyed rapid growth and notable success in the barbecue arena and in specialty food circles.  The award-winning line has been touted by local, regional and national outlets and earned repeated awards in the National BBQ Association and Scovie competitions. In addition, Sherman has become a leader in the barbecue industry, serving as a certified barbecue judge at several national-level, high-profile competitions, including the American Royal and Memphis in May, and establishing area qualifying barbecue competitions.

Available at Hannaford’s throughout the Northeast, DennyMike’s also is available through Whole Foods Northeast, Mid Atlantic and North Atlantic, with product in more than 100 stores and via its popular website www.dennymikes.com.

About DennyMike’s

DennyMike’s is a Maine company with roots founded in the spirit of true, Texas-style dry rub BBQ. All of DennyMike’s award-winning, gluten-free, all-natural and Kosher-Certified sauces and rubs are hand-crafted in Maine in small batches, using only the finest ingredients, including natural sea salt, wildflower honey and pure Barbados molasses. DennyMike’s rubs are a great way to begin any meal, whether cooking in your kitchen or at your pit, and his sauces add a unique finishing touch to whatever dishes are presented at the table. DennyMike’s products are available nationwide at www.dennymikes.com and at specialty retailers throughout the Northeast and North Atlantic states and is newly available in the Mid Atlantic states and throughout the West Coast.

For descriptions of DennyMike’s sauces and rubs, barbecue recipes, and order placements,

visit www.dennymikes.com.

To schedule an interview with DennyMike Sherman, or request additional background information or product images, contact: Ann Ewing at 615-419-3753 or ann.ewing@hotmail.com.

MaineBiz Sticky Business Profile

Sticky business | BBQ king DennyMike’s grabs kudos for sauces and rubs

DennyMike’s was recently featured in MaineBiz’s Sticky Business Section. Check out a snippet of the article below or click on the headline above to read the full article.


By ANNA FIORENTINO: Mainebiz contributing writer

When people in the Northeast talk about barbecue, they think of putting a burger on a gas grill long enough for it to look like a hockey puck. And while Yankee pot roast may be a few dashes of cayenne pepper away from traditional smoked barbecue brisket, Mainers aren’t about to spend 15 hours in front of a barbecue smoker.

“New Englanders are in a hurry and that’s why barbecue — I mean real barbecue cooking — never caught on,” says Dennis Michael Sherman, owner of DennyMike’s, a specialty producer of sauces and rubs in York garnering kudos from gourmet magazines and national barbecue competitions alike.

But little by little, that barbecue hesitation is beginning to lessen. As new sauces, styles and flavors pop up across the country, backyard enthusiasts are turning into pit masters ready to compete in world-class barbecue competitions.

“Barbecue is slowly starting to evolve here in Maine,” says Sherman. “DennyMike’s success was all about the timing.”

In 2006, DennyMike’s sauces, and later its rubs, hit the shelves of Portland’s Whole Foods. Conveniently, it was at a time when New Englanders were also beginning to introduce varied flavors of traditional barbecue to their palates, says Sherman.

Today, DennyMike’s four award-winning, gluten-free, all-natural Kosher sauces, and five rubs are sold in nearly a thousand national retailers, in hundreds of Whole Foods and Hannaford supermarkets alone. In six years, Sherman’s sales have catapulted to nearly $1 million, growing 50% over the last three years alone, a trend he expects to continue.

Sherman has erased his $150,000 startup debt with the exception of an equity line on his York home, where he headquarters his business, employing six, including his wife, Patty, who keeps the books. He expects to double his work force within the next six to 12 months. Internet sales at www.dennymikes.com increase each week, now averaging 30 to 40 transactions of about $50 each, with an occasional spike such as the one that followed his appearance on NBC’s “TODAY” show over Christmas of 2009 that brought in 600 orders…. READ FULL ARTICLE ONLINE HERE!