A (Grill) Grate Experience

Finally getting around to the Grill Grate Experience

I really don’t know what it is, call it a guy thing or maybe it’s just that I’m a little off kilter (to no one’s surprise…!), but I have a curious habit of buying or getting something that I want to try or use, and when I receive the item, I invariably set it aside, unopened for what could end up being a number of years before I get around to using it, no matter what my original motivation may have been. Weird, I tell ya! But the good news is, I always get around to it (a round tuit…?!) and I’m happy to be able to report that this is the case with my friends Brad and Susan Barrett’s award winning Grill Grate.

I had asked Brad for a free sample some 8 or 9 months ago, ( fyi, the note Brad sent me saying I was on Susan’s s#@t list for not having tried it yet was dated October 4th 2011!!) and as I am wont to do, promptly put it in my cupboard without opening it and, safely out of sight, quickly turned into out of mind. Out of mind, that is, until yesterday, when Brad and I were having a conversation about cross marketing our products. Brad had to shame me into admitting that I had still yet to try his product! That sure was a heaping helping of humble pie, I can assure you! I promised him then and there that I would go out and get some steaks and throw them on my 28 year old Weber grill, except this time using his award winning Grill Grate. (It was only yesterday that I had my first opportunity to read his note about me and Susan’s you know what list…!)  Well, slap me upside the head for not trying this baby out sooner! I followed Brad’s instructions about throwing them on at high heat and hearing that marvelous sizzle got me salivating. I knew that I was in for a four star result. Of course I seasoned the steaks with my Cow Bell Hell and threw on some pineapple I had in the fridge, dusted with a wee smidge of Pixie Dust for that southwest flavor. I mean to tell you, the grill marks were perfect and the steak and pineapple were cooked to perfection! I felt so bad about my boorish and impolite behavior in response to my good friend’s generosity that I felt compelled to write this in hopes of getting off that odious, and odorous, list that Susan had me on. I’m happy to say that I am now a fully vested, and vetted, disciple of the Grill Grate and my ol’ Weber’s just gonna have to get used to the new kid on the block; I am totally confident that it will be a very happy and comfortable union, kinda like some twin sons of different mothers that I know… GRILL GRATE RULES!!!!  Susan…?



by DennyMikes