What Kind of Fish is This?

I have a very good friend who has high cholesterol–very high cholesterol. His doctor told him to cut back on red meat and eat more fish. Since my friend doesn’t cook much, he came to me. The problem is that for those of us “of a certain age”, the fish we’re most familiar with is all fried. We grew up Catholic during the late 50′s and early 60′s, and we started laughing about how we had probably eaten a swimming pool full of fish sticks during our lives. Let’s face it–most of us rate our fish dishes by the taste of the batter and temperature of the oil. We had to do better than that. We set a date for big “fish tasting”.

I went up to Whole Foods and had a chat with the man at the fish counter about my friend. He recommended we start with some milder fish such as grouper, tilapia or cod. Ii got one fillet of each, added a piece of salmon since it is all the rage, and headed home. It turns out that all I needed to create delicious fish dishes was a grill and/or grill pan, DennyMike’s recipes, Fintastic, Pixie Dust, some lemons and a few oils and condiments. What an eye opener! Not only were the fish delicious, they were also very easy to prepare. Our wives were amazed by our little fish extravaganza. We got so carried away by the entire experience, we decided we were now good enough to start planning our attack on DennyMike’s Whole Bronzini Fish recipe.

We took DennyMike’s Scallops recipe and substituted the cod; the Grilled Fintastic Salmon recipe was incredible; we substituted tilapia for the shrimp in the Spicy Acadian recipe (marinate for 30 minutes); and for the grouper… well, we decided to take a little trip back in time. We fried! We followed the Cornbread Coated Fried Catfish recipe with the grouper, and it brought back all those memories of Fridays during Lent. Who knows, one of these days when someone asks what kind of fish we’re cooking, our answer won’t have to be, “Um… white.”

-Mike Powers

by DennyMikes