Sometimes you just have to adjust.

I was asked to bring an appetizer dish to a birthday party.  I had been dying to smoke some chicken with DennyMike’s Chick Magnet, so I was pretty excited to figure out how to best use the chicken.  If you had this to work with, wouldn’t you be excited?

While I was trying to decide exactly how I was going to use this amazing chicken, I got the bad news—the food theme was Italian!  The thought of turning this incredibly delicious smoked chicken into some tomato-slathered appetizer dish was making me crazy.  It finally hit me…PIZZA!  This is the ultimate in “Italian” versatility.

I had this idea for a pulled chicken pizza, and as I shredded the chicken it all came together.  I carefully removed the skin, put it on a rack, slowly crisped it in a 350 oven and wrapped it in foil to be used later.  I covered my pizza shell with DennyMike’s Sweet ‘n Spicy sauce just like I would with a regular tomato sauce.  Next, I spread the chicken liberally.  For a little extra tang to help cut the sweetness of the sauce, I added some pickled red onions.  I decided to use Monterey Jack as the main cheese, but added a touch of mozzarella to help the melt.  It was ready for the oven.

Now, for the crowning touch:  DennyMike’s Carolina-Style BBQ Cole Slaw!  When the pizza came out of the oven, I spread the cole slaw over the top, crumbled the crispy chicken skin over the top, cut the pizza and sat back to wait for the reaction.  I have to be honest; even I was surprised by how much everyone loved this pizza.  When you get right down to it, all I did was make a large, round, open-faced pulled chicken sandwich.  Serving it as a pizza just made it fit the food theme for the party.  The only problem was that it was almost too gorgeous to cut!  Almost.



by DennyMikes