While rummaging through the refrigerator today, I couldn’t believe how many leftovers we had.   How do two people end up with so many leftovers?  How do two people end up with any leftovers?  I had to finally admit to myself that I was no good at cooking for only two whenever I fired up the grill.  Since it is so much fun to prepare the food, and to gather around the grill and smoker to begin with, I decided it would be better to figure out some great ways to use these leftovers.

One of the easiest and most delicious ways to use leftover chicken and pork is to shred or chop it.  Take any one of the DennyMike’s Sauces, bring it to a simmer over medium heat and add your shredded meat.  Season with Pixie Dust or, if you want more heat, Cow Bell Hell. Simmer gently so as not to overcook the meat and make it tough, remove from the heat, and serve on toasted buns.  For those of us who pretend to be watching our waistlines from time to time, try using lettuce wraps instead of bread…absolutely delicious. (DennyMike’s Carolina-Style Sauce is my personal favorite with the lettuce wraps.)

If you like chicken salad, you’ll love it with leftover ‘cue.  Mix about a 1/3 cup of DennyMike’s Sweet N Spicy sauce with a 1/3 cup of mayo and a chopped adobo chipotle chili pepper.   Dice a small red onion and a red bell pepper, chop some fresh cilantro, add a couple pounds of chopped chicken and toss with the mayo sauce.  Serve over a bed of lettuce, or your choice of bread.

From time to time, our friends will start asking for one of the pizzas that we made at American Pie.  I wrote about our Chicken Club pizza in a previous blog, and using leftover ‘cue chicken would be great.  Another pizza I get asked about is the BBQ Chicken pizza that we had on the menu.  I decided to use the leftover smoked pork loin that I had in the fridge instead of the chicken.  Since leftovers usually need a little extra flavor boost, I went for the DennyMike’s Hot n Nasty sauce for the base.  I scattered the shredded pork over the sauce, added sliced red onions and sprinkled with a combo of shredded mozzarella and Monterrey Jack cheeses.  After cooking, I love to sprinkle the pizza with chopped, fresh cilantro.

I would love to share some ideas for leftover DennyMike’s Signature ribs…and, just as soon as we have any leftover ribs, I will!!

by DennyMikes