Substitutes from Hell

So, how does a city guy from the South Side of Chicago end up writing about rubs and sauces created by a Yankee from Maine whose actual name is straight out of Texas? If this blog lasts long enough, maybe I’ll get to that story one of these days. For now, let’s just say I got lucky… very lucky.

Back in October, I received a DennyMike’s ‘Cue Lover’s 9-Pack. Like anyone with a new toy, I was dying to try it. My wife and I were attending a party the following weekend and I had been asked to bring an appetizer-specifically, some baked cheese bread that we used to make at our pizza joint (that’s another story!). The original recipe calls for cayenne. I decided to substitute Cow Bell Hell. When our friends tasted the finished product, they were as blown away as I had been. Where the cayenne had added the right amount of heat to the taste, the Cow Bell Hell had also added a depth of smokiness that the original lacked. It also helped balance the richness of the mayo and cheeses. I had to admin that the new version was even better than the original.

Click on “Recipes”, and “Search” Cow Bell Hell– but I warn you, this is incredibly addictive!








– Mike Powers