DennyMike’s Brisket Tips and Tricks

I was cooking a bunch of briskets last week for my neighbor’s wedding and I thought of a tip that might be worth sharing with y’all.

Now this tip only applies when you’re dealing with a full untrimmed brisket commonly referred to as a packer’s cut which generally runs between 10 and 18 pounds and contains both the flat and point cuts, which leads to my tip. Everyone knows you’re supposed to cut brisket against the grain, but the natural fact is that the flat and point cuts of brisket are actually two muscles that lie on top of each other and the grains run in opposite directions so it’s necessary to separate the two if you want to be sure you’re cutting against the grain with both pieces.

A trick I employ is when the meat has cooled sufficiently to get your hands into it without getting scalded, with gloved hands I locate the seam where the two pieces are joined and I slip my fingers in between the two and gently work my hand(s) in to fully separate the two pieces; and voila, you have two beautiful mouthwatering pieces of meat just waiting for you to slice into gorgeous 1/8 – ¼ inch slices! Bon apetit!

Until next time we chat, remember to keep it low and slow!

Yours in smoke,


DennyMike’s + Sysco = VERY EXCITING NEWS!

All I can say is WOW!  It’s certainly a treat for me to be able to share the news that Sysco Boston, LLC, the largest volume regional producer in the Sysco system, has agreed to add DennyMike’s award winning seasonings to its line of offerings.  Sysco Boston is a market leader and distributor of foodservice products reaching restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities,  and lodging establishments throughout greater New England, especially Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

It’s exciting to know that I will have the help of more than 300 seasoned sales associates selling Fintastic, Sublime Swine, Chick Magnet and Cow Bell Hell in 24-ounce shakers and five-pound tubs.  I have been told that the Boston region is the trendsetter for the entire Sysco system and that we’d better be ready to be brought on by other regions.  All I can say about that is “Bring it on!!”  I love having my product in kitchens everywhere, and our relationship with the good folks at Sysco is going to make that happen.  Words can’t express how pleased I am to have been selected, but I can say that we’ll be making sure our products continue to be made with care using the finest ingredients to ensure the outstanding flavor and quality that has become synonymous with all of DennyMike’s products.