Spatchcocked Turkey

Here is my Thanksgiving Turkey update! I mentioned on my Facebook before that I was going to be doing a Spatchcocked Turkey following Michael Rulhman’s technique found here:





And just in case anybody was wondering what I use for my rub, here it is: 

Combine two tablespoons each of Chick Magnet and Pixie Dust and one tablespoon of Sublime Swine, add more or less depending on how big your bird is. Melt a stick of butter and add the seasoning, mixing completely, to make your own wet rub. Either the night before, or at least two to three hours before cooking and while the wet rub is still good and warm (reheat if necessary) take the rounded edge of a one half size rubber spatula and lift the skin gently and work some of the rub as deep and as far as you can get it. Once you’re done with under the skin, smear the remaining rub all over the outside of the bird; make a little more rub if necessary… When you’re ready to cook make sure the bird has been left out for at least an hour so it warms up and saves you the additional cooking time. For a whole bird, cook breast side down for the first hour, then flip and finish cooking breast side facing up, basting every 30-45 mins until the breast temp is at least 165 and the thickest part of the thigh is 170-175. For spatchcock birds cook skin side up the entire cook time, again basting every 30-45 minutes and finishing to 165-170+. Don’t forget to cook on a rack in a shallow roasting pan to make sure you save the drippings for that wonderful gravy!