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Don't I just about keel over when I'm lucky enough to get fresh caught tuna, grilled up extra special with a generous helping of Fintastic®, or Pixie Dust®, and be sure to remember your cross-hatching for that extra special look on the plate!


2-8 oz. Tuna Steaks
1 Tbsp. DennyMike's Fintastic Seasoning, or Pixie Dust

1 Tbsp. Sesame Oil
1 Tbsp. Soy Sauce
1 tsp. Grated Fresh Ginger
1 tsp. Lime Juice
1 Clove Garlic, Minced


1. Mix the marinade ingredients together and coat the tuna steaks with it

2. Set aside and refrigerate for 30 minutes

3. Remove and dust the tuna with the Fintastic and spray, sprinkle, spray (see below) over that. 

4. Heat the grill on high and sear skin side down for about a minute and a half, then flip and remove the skin and fat, etc. if you are so inclined. Spray, sprinkle, spray and season lightly on the now naked skin side. 

5. Reduce heat to 325° and look for a finishing temperature of 145-155°.

6. I love to grill Vidalia onions and fresh asparagus, with Fintastic, as sides for this dish. Enjoy!

Spray, sprinkle and spray

Denny Mike's mantra when using any of his tasty seasoning blends is spray, sprinkle and spray, a technique that has served him well over the many years he has cooked with them (since 2000!). DennyMike uses canola spray for a couple of reasons; it's fat tree and flavor free, and it's got a higher smoking point than olive. And hey, we're all for olive oil but I prefer to use it in a less hostile environment!. So back to the mantra; always pat the meat or fish dry when necessary, and then spray a light coating of canola all over, sprinkle an even layer of seasoning and then spray again with another light coating to lock the seasoning. Once the first side has been cooked to your liking, flip, and spray sprinkle and spray the same as you did on the first side; finish to your desired temperature (using a quick read digital thermometer.) You can use canola spray in a can, which also is available in a high heat option for gas grill, Or get a manual sprayer/mister and buy your oil in a bottle.