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Meet the man, the legend... DennyMike!


One taste is all it takes

DennyMike’s is a line of super-premium, all-natural and gluten-free sauces and seasoning blends. Food enthusiasts from home cooks to professional chefs can count on DennyMike’s to enhance a broad range of meats, seafood, poultry, game, soups, sides and more.

Meet the man, the legend... DennyMike

Since its successful launch in 2006, the line of five seasonings and three sauces has won more than 60 awards at juried competitions around the country from well respected organizations such as National BBQ Association, The Fiery Foods Challenge and the Best in Barbecue. The top-selling seasonings are Pixie Dust and Chick Magnet, and the best-selling sauces are Sweet ‘N Spicy and Mesquite Madness, although the entire line enjoys a legion of fans from coast to coast.

The History of DennyMike’s

Dennis Michael Sherman discovered authentic barbecue while traveling in Texas and Mexico as a college student. In the 30-plus years since that introduction, DennyMike has nurtured his passion, and in 2002, he opened DennyMikes’ Smokehouse BBQ and Deli in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. He was unhappy with the rubs and sauces available commercially…everything had either too much salt or unnatural sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. So, in 2006, after years and research and recipe development, he launched his own line of sauces and seasonings. His focus from day one was to create a line that was all natural and gluten free, using only the finest ingredients available–no high fructose corn syrup and far less salt than most. 

He meticulously crafts the line of premium sauces and seasonings as versatile enhancers ideal for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Whether customers prefer seasonings or sauces, the company motto holds true: “one taste is all it takes…” and they are quickly committed DennyMike’s fans.