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Seasoning 2-Pack

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Howdy y’all! DennyMike here with some wicked exciting news. I’ve got a cute little addition to the line…a nifty little two pack that’s gonna prove to be a handy item in your camping trips or just having fun on the patio cooking up some creative and bountiful feasts. And, to commemorate the newest member of the family, we’re gonna slash the regular online store and Amazon price from $8.99 all the way down to $6.50 each, which makes it 13 bucks for the unit, and I’ll throw the handsome gift box in for free…such a deal!!! It’s kinda like I’m so giddy, I’m like Ebenezer Scrooge at Christmas handing out five dollar bill$ like I was printing ‘em out back! Not sure how long I’ll be feeling this generous, so I’d suggest you stock up while the getting’s good. And hey, Christmas ain’t that far away…!

Includes: 2 - 7oz. rubs in a very handsome gift box, and a gift that keeps on giving!