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Co-Packing with DennyMike's


In the summer of 2013, DennyMike opened DennyMike’s Sauces and Seasonings Co-Packing, a new production and co-packing facility in Westbrook, Maine. The facility, home to the in-house production of DennyMike’s, offers co-packing services to small to mid-size producers of shelf stable, dry ingredient food producers who require a wheat- and nut-free production facility. 

The spacious, stand-alone, 10,000-square-foot facility is equipped with a tumble blender, filler unit, bag sealer and shrink tunnel and is ready to fill shelf stable dry ingredients of varying consistencies into packets, tins, bags, bottles and bulk containers. The staff is qualified to offer new and growing dry food producers insights, recommendations, advice and coordination of services for everything from label and logo design to lab analysis and packaging.  In addition, DennyMike’s Sauces and Seasonings Co-Packing has created the certified Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP) plans, required by the USDA and the FDA, for every element and function of the business.

The new facility allowed the company to increase production and meet the ever-rising demand for products that are sensitive to a wider range of dietary restrictions.