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Spatchcock chicken is a great way to speed up your cooking time rather than doing the bird whole; here's the way to get 'er done...


One whole 3-6 pound chicken, backbone removed, and spatchcocked.
2 Tbs Chick Magnet®
Cooking spray


  1. Using a pair of rugged kitchen shears, cut the backbone out, being careful to remove just the bones, and not the meat!
  2. Then place on a table or countertop, cut side down and press down firmly between the legs until you pop the breastbone, leaving a nice, flat, whole chicken.
  3. Place on your cooking surface and spray all around with canola spray, or your cooking spray of choice, and sprinkle the top side generously with Chick Magnet or Pixie Dust®, or even a combination of the two.
  4. Spray generously over the seasoning and cook until that side is done to your liking; then, flip and do the same spray, sprinkle, spray (see below) on the other side and cook til you reach at least 165-170.
  5. Remove from heat, cover loosely with foil, and let rest for ten to fifteen minutes before serving with your favorite DennyMike's BBQ sauce. Bon appetite! 

Spray, sprinkle and spray

DennyMike's mantra when using any of his tasty seasoning blends is spray, sprinkle and spray, a technique that has served him well over the many years he has cooked with them (since 2000!). DennyMike uses canola spray for a couple of reasons; it's fat tree and flavor free, and it's got a higher smoking point than olive. And hey, we're all for olive oil but I prefer to use it in a less hostile environment!. So back to the mantra; always pat the meat or fish dry when necessary, and then spray a light coating of canola all over, sprinkle an even layer of seasoning and then spray again with another light coating to lock the seasoning. Once the first side has been cooked to your liking, flip, and spray sprinkle and spray the same as you did on the first side; finish to your desired temperature (using a quick read digital thermometer.) You can use canola spray in a can, which also is available in a high heat option for gas grill, Or get a manual sprayer/mister and buy your oil in a bottle.